Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome to Pineapples and Palm Trees!

I'm going to Hawaii, and while you aren't allowed to come with me I will make sure that you feel like you are there. I'll be sippin' pina coladas and drinking Corona (it's miles from ordinary you know!) and just plain kickin' it. I'll be chilling on the beach, gettin some sun, surfin, and checkin out all the sexy chicas! Oh man just thinking about it makes me wanna Hula dance. I can't stop thinkin about pineapples and sugar cane. Here are some things I'm hoping I can share with you whilest partying in the Aloha (which is their word for everything) state:

* Constant updates about the weather and daily activities.
* Crazy encounters
* The occasional fabrication
* Every girl's name and phone number I get (I'll need to write it down anyways so I can remember them all)
* And more!

Now I have just a couple days left and I have to prepare for the trip. I've already made a playlist for the plane ride. Its got all the latest cd's on it. I think the flight is like 7 hours or something. I hope there is food cause I am not about to starve myself. I also got some books to read on the flight. I'm hoping there is some kind of movie thing going cause I can't read for that long. I have an attention span shorter than that kid and will need moving pictures to satisfy my brain. I hope my new kicks get here before I leave. I will decide if I should bring them or not. I don't think I will though. Don't want to get any dirt on the new shoes right away.

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