Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Those Silly Girls

There is something very comedic about women fights. Take these women going at it for instance:

After seeing that, how can you take a girl fight seriously? Which leads me to my next point -- the WNBA! I hate watching the WNBA, not because I think women shouldn't play basketball (they shouldn't play professionally that's for sure.) but because I can watch better basketball almost all year round (NBA season, summer leagues, Olympic basketball, etc).

Watching SportsCenter this morning they showed highlights of some WNBA brawl. Sure girls get into fights occasionally, but its the way they fight that makes this hilarious. Watch the video first (not the whole thing cause its so long):

There are several things to take note of: First, this fight starts because of a little pushing. Actually one girl gets knocked over and another girl trips over here. The fact that they are on the opposite team makes this hostile. (Of course, thats not how it actually happened, but if you don't really know the context then that is certainly what it looks like.) Second, the fight involves lots of slapping. Third, an assistant coach from one team tries to stop the fight and (to me) inadvertently knocks over one of the players. (At this point the fight gets really good.) Some of the other players see this and start slapping the coach. He is a much bigger man and just ducks his head a couple times. Finally, one girl gets injured holding back her own teammate and needs a wheelchair to get her off the court.

In comparison, this is what a real brawl looks like:

This is the Brawl at the Palace from like 4 years ago. Click around on YouTube and you will find tons of other awesome brawls: Chris Childs clocks Kobe Bryant, the Brawl at the Garden from 2 years ago, Rick Fox and Doug Christie, and on and on...

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