Monday, July 21, 2008

Oregon Part II: Day 2

I was thinking of doing this in the same fashion as my previous Oregon posts, but I grow bored with that format. I don't want to have a 1 dimensional blog, but what do I really care. Anyways I'll continue the travels with Day 2 of my trip to Portland: The Juice is in the Blender. That doesn't mean anything to me either...

The day started with an early morning rise to get ready for a day at the shore. Amazingly Oregon, as a Left Coast state, has a coastline that allow visitors and natives to enjoy the lush ocean that is the Pacific. We celebrate that today.

(I always get sidetracked. I started telling the turn of events, but then I got into bashing ABQ again. I hate this city.)

Ok so I got up and prepared for the trek west. As far west as I could go. Dara had mentioned to me, in pre-travel talks, that the temperature was quite high in recent times. I like to pack light anyways so I only packed shorts and polos. This worked against me as, upon arrival, I noticed it was quite chill outside. Dara suggested that we go to the Woodburn outlets (I know clever name for a city huh? More on that later...) to pick up a heavier upper garment for me to wear.

Outlets are my weakness. When I went to NY I had to buy new clothes at the in-my-head World Famous Woodbury Premium Outlets. Shopping is also a detriment to me because I have to avoid shoe stores. So to the outlets we go. We end up spending like 2-3 hours there as I search for a decently fitting sweatshirt. I end up buying a light hoodie from PacSun and a sweeet track jacket from Puma.

We leave the Outlets and continue our westward journey and hit up Lincoln City about an hour and a half later for lunch. We stop at this place called Kyllos (which I mistakenly called Kryllos for the entire trip) for fancy seafood. I miss seafood. For those not in the know, like everyone reading this, I have recently sworn off seafood because there is no way it is fresh here and because even if it is I don't expect anyone in New Mexico to make decent seafood. I miss living near the coast. During lunch we watch children play in the sand, people fly kites, and a seal lady (as shown in the very bad picture above).

I have decided to insert my witty observations into the space that would have been the next paragraph in my exponential story. 1st observation: The road has this really awkward double yellow line. It was only near the coast as far as I remember. By awkward I mean that the lines were too far apart. I know its really knitpicky, but it was really weird and slightly unsettling. Bth observation: Near the coast, the trees that grow had like a wind damage. They bent in a really strange way. I wish I had a picture of it, but the trees look like they were a comb-over for the hillside on which they lay. I couldn't stop laughing.

Getting close to the end of the day we stopped off in Newport, because Dara said it was a cute little area that was boardwalk like. There were tons of little trinket shops, fishing boats, and oceanside candy places. I would give specifics but I'm saving it for the food post. Awkward new paragraph commence...

The original plan was to hit Newport and then head on to another town where her friend Denise has a house that had a beach we could walk and play on. Since the earlier stop at the outlets took so long (my bad) we had to cancel the last leg and go straight to Corvalis.

In a shoutout to my mom, we drove by a Toledo, Oregon (which I forgot to place in my stolen city name list) on the way towards Corvalis. In another funny city naming, we also drove past a Philomath which is just outside of Corvalis. When I saw the sign I exclaimed, "Ha that sounds like there was a clash in the day between philosophers and mathematicians!" I thought I was so clever but it turned out (upon reading Wikipedia) that I am not the most intelligent man in the world after all. That guy is. Apparently philomath is a word that means a love of learning from ancient Greeks, and the town is named after a college of the same name which is no longer operational. I still want to believe in the battle of Philosophers and Mathematicians, and I think I will. One last town naming thing... we drove through a Burnt Woods, Oregon and shopped at Woodburn, OR. How funny. Those Oregonians and their timber-fire loving!

We arrived in Corvalis shortly after our retarded detour around Philomath. (There used to be a two way road down the main street of the town, but now there is a one-way two-lane road down the main street and the other direction just south of it.) We stopped at the Easley's for the night and had discussions of recent events. I got to play with Chili (Dara's cuddly chihuahua), but that was cut short when I got him too riled up. The face she shot me was priceless! I got tons of photos of him too, for a project I have planned.

After dinner with the Easleys we went to a place called Squirrels which Dara described to me as a lesbian softball bar. The interior was like a lumberjack's house, minus the stuffed heads. I was told I would be guaranteed to see lesbians and that promise held true when a lesbian couple walked in at some point. One of which was wearing the identical hoodie that I had purchased earlier in the day. I don't think I'll be wearing that thing ever again. Just kidding it's too cool not to wear.

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