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Oregon Part II: Back in the Habit / Day 1

Well as I wrote about last time (Oregon Part I), I flew back to Portland to visit Dara. I don't know if I elaborated on the character of Dara, but she is the sweetest person in the whole world. She was like my mother. Always making baked goods for my tummy. They were yummy!

Anyways back to Oregon for me with lots to see and much excitement to endure (like it's a bad thing). I took notes of everything since I didn't have instant access to the blog for posting. (I should give up on Verizon and get an iPhone since that has internet. I suppose I could try using my phone but that would suck.) I took notes using text messages. It was pretty much the same format as the notes I left myself on Blogger. And so I will present all that stuff in the same way I did last time.


END OF LOSING STREAK - I frequently post my travels on here and in the past few ventures I have been underperforming as an airplane traveler. It has culminated in the event of my last travel, returning from NY in May, where I was so delayed that I missed my connecting flight in Denver and had to catch a flight the next day. The losing streak is officially over. None of my flights between ABQ and PDX (or back) were delayed, canceled, or annoying (uncomfortable yes, but not annoying). The only hinderence was a Sudoku puzzle that I deemed unsolvable. I claimed it as such because I had worked on it for 2 hours and couldn't find a move. I'm not going to brag, but I'm good at Sudoku and have completed the most challenging of puzzles. I thus declare unsolvable.

OREGON - The land of stolen names!

From the map you can see various stolen names: Astoria, Portland, Albany, and Salem (I discount Springfield cause every state has at least 2). There are more though. There is a Newburg, Winston, Dallas, Oakland, Lebanon, Vancouver, Florence, Ontario, Mt. Vernon, Milwaukie, and probably a billion others. I bet the name Oregon was stolen as well.
UPDATE: Actually Vancouver is in Washington, but it still is stolen!

DOWNTOWN PORTLAND - This city is beautiful and is like a majorly mini NY. Everything is within walking distance. There were tons of shops and restaurants in every location that I was in. I brag because in Albuquerque there is neither/nor of both categories. All the restaurants are in one location and the shops are in another. In Portland, the streets are paved with platinum (because gold lines the East Coast), dogs are made of chocolate, and everyone is a hippie (ok so not everything is grand in the Oregon State (their official state name by me, it's actually the Beaver State)).

LOOPING - This is a term my friend Adam Recchia and I referred to when we would walk the road that encircled the SUNY Albany campus. I have successfully brought it to me in other places like the fast-food-a-thon here in ABQ and now in Portland. My first day involved walking around downtown Portland because Dara had to work. I was fine with this because it would give me a chance to explore, look, learn, feel, and all sorts of other emotions I'm supposed to go through. Anyways here is a map of my walk throughout downtown Portland. By the time I was done I didn't want anything to do with walking!

FREE MUSIC - My itinerary for the day went as follows:
Get off plane
Get on Max Light Rail to Dara's Office
Get Lunch with Dara
Get left alone for 4 hours and walk the city
Get/Find Niketown (End)
So after lunch I was to be left alone as you can see. Well right outside her office was a summer long (Tues and Thurs) free lunch hour music festival. Today I got to hear a band by the name of Throwback Suburbia. It was fun and free (so that was a plus too). The band wasn't bad. I sat in the sun for like a half hour and got burned. This used to be a non-issue since after my first summer burn I wouldn't burn so easily, but since I am in a lab all the time the sun is not even a luxury anymore. Anyways that's enough of that.

RANDOM OBSERVANCES - The first of which was at the concert. I saw these two people dancing. One was a man who was really short and had thick legs, the other was a rather portly woman with long skinny legs. If these people had switched legs they both would have looked normal. I called them mix-n-match. I also saw this fat woman walking the fattest dogs I had ever seen. One was so rotund that its stomach was scraping the ground. A funny sight indeed. Next I saw two men riding bikes. What could be strange about that? Well it is when it is a black man on a mountain bike and a Mexican guy on a stunt bike (think BMX - or DMX for my mom). I shouldn't point and laugh at this, but you never see either of those people (stereotypically) on bikes let alone those specific types. Onward I go... Oh yea if you notice a lot of my walk was in some green area (strange because there is no green in NM). This was a waterfront (also no water) park that had a nice bike/walking path along it (hence why I marked it on the map linked above). At some point of my walk there was like 10 or so people running up and down stairs doing some relay races. Maybe they were training for something but who cares. They looked like fools and it was funny. This is why I don't like to exercise in public!

DOUGHNUT - I will post more about this later, but I had the best doughnut of my life easily surpassing Krisy Kreme. I have a picture and I will post this in an upcoming post.

SMOKING OBJECT - I managed to end up on the campus of Portland State University. At some point I noticed something was smoking on the ground. Me being from NY just kept on walking, but as I rubbernecked past it I noticed that a person behind me went over to it, analyzed it, and put it out. This is something that I'm proud of being from the NE... I don't take the time to do anything out of my path, unless I really have to. If that guy wasn't there the whole city could have burnt down and it would have been my fault. I didn't care though.

NIKETOWN - This was to be the highlight of my first day. The legendary shoe company has its headquarters in Oregon and their flagship store in Portland. It was not the coolest thing I had ever seen though. I was hoping for a cool store that had some museum like things inside. They didn't even have that good of shoes. I was embarrassed as a frequent purchaser of Nike shoes. It's safe to say I will never shop there again.

HAPPY HOUR - We went to a place called Henry's Tavern (more later). It was really good for various reasons to be mentioned upcomingly. Oregon is a big beer state. They have easily like a billion breweries to go with their largest per capita strip joints (in Portland).

EVERYONE BIKES - pretty self explanatory!

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