Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Molecular Comb

Knots? Curls? Nappy hair? We've all had our bad hair days, but those days end today. With the Molecular Comb, there is no hair you can't untangle. How does it work? Bioengineered comb arms are so thin they can separate individual hairs on you head. They penetrate so well, you won't even feel the knots come out.

No more teary eyes. No more tangled hair. Say good bye with the Molecular Comb. Just listen to these happy Molecular Comb users:

John: I live life on the edge partying, rocking, getting wasted. I wake up in the mornings with some of the worst tangled drunk hair ever. Now with the Molecular Comb I just comb my problems away.

Linda: Going out in public was the pits. I was always embarrassed to be seen with my hair so disheveled. Worst of all my children didn't want to be seen with me. The Molecular Comb has saved my life. Thanks Molecular Comb!

Shauntel: My baby daddy wanted nothing to do with me. He would always say, "Don't be showin' yo nappy ass around here, ya heard?" My baby would just cry all night cause it would have tangled hair in his throat and would cough and wheeze. The Molecular Comb has put an end to every problem. Now I can hit that foo up style!

Carter: I could never get any ladies with my nerd hair. The Molecular Comb has changed everything. I just comb like normal and my hair would come out amazing every time. I can't keep the ladies off me now! Thanks Molecular Comb.

Now that you've heard customer testimonials, you have to try it. For just $19.99 you get the Molecular Comb and styling gel. Act within 20 minutes of reading this ad and you will receive Nap-be-gone, the Nappy hair remover to keep your hair straight all day long. That's not all. You also get a second Molecular Comb for those "private" areas, and you get 2 smaller Molecular Combs for the kids.

Call 1-800-Molecular-Comb and get yours today.

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TestingTFV said...

I don't know why, but the thing that got me to laugh out loudest was that you get two smaller combs for the kids.

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