Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Koch vs. Me

For about the next 2.5 weeks, Koch and I will be engaged in eternal competition. I have my prelims coming up towards the end of August and I need to study for them. As a measure of good faith and for motivation Koch has decided to make this a bet (although technically we both should win). For every hour I study he must run 1 mile. He can also opt to lift weights or play basketball for an equivalent amount of time. Watching children does not count.

We tried a similar scenario over winter break, but I was only able to study 3 hours a day and he would run like 6 or 7 miles. I could not keep up.

The complete rules are as follows:
1. For every hour I study he must run 1 mile or do an equivalent time/distance activity.
2. He is allowed to bank miles. This means if he runs for 8 miles one day, and I studied for 6, he is only forced to run 4 the next. He may chose to run more and bank those miles also.

That is all.

Notes: As you can see the above image isn't my finest work. I had to steal some images from various websites using Google image search and then paste them together with some text using Powerpoint. Windows sucks.

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