Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dreams of Paradise

I can taste the sweet fruit already. I'm just under 24 hours from leaving for the exact opposite of Seward's Folley. Speaking of which, I really hope that when the US discovered the uses for Alaska Seward took a big crap on somebody and really rubbed everyone's nose in it (that is if he was still alive when this all took place). Anyways, Hawaii is tomorrow and I still have to pack. The hardest part of packing is starting. I can easily spend hours just staring at my closet before I grab something. I don't really need a ton of stuff since I am only gonna be there for a week and we have a laundry facility. I'm thinking around 4 days worth of stuff. They key is bringing clothes that will match the shoes that I bring. Here is the tough part, because I have 24 (formerly 23, but today I got a new pair of kicks: the Air Force 25's) pairs and I have to match my clothes with my shoes.

So what do I need to bring? Clothes. Check. Shoes. Check (x3). Extraneous stuff. Check. I figure I need food too, because airlines today suck at everything. I have no clue if I get a meal, and if I do then that's money in the bank. If I don't then I'm looking at starving for 10+ hours. Not the greatest feeling in the world, especially when it's bad enough that I am hungry pretty much all the time anyways. It's pretty uncontrollable.

There is also the matters of the bet. I encourage all to decide what my final weight will be when I return. I'm gonna officially say that I will come back 5 lbs heavier. Remember the winner gets a free lunch (basically its like a dollar from everyone in the lab). I will tell everyone, that I am not gonna try to meet my weight cause it's my health at stake, but I really have no self control and so I would bet on me gaining weight. The most I could possibly lose is 5 lbs. So I would say it is pretty safe to bet between -5 and +10 lbs. -5 would be me losing weight and +10 to me gaining.

I don't know if I will have time tomorrow to blog, or even if there is a free computer anywhere. I'm sure I will find one in Hawaii though. So just be prepared to not read about me for at least 2 more days. I know, what ever will you do? Same thing you have been doing this whole last week...absolutely nothing. And with that I's off to the land of sunshine, beaches, volcanoes, huge waves, and gorgeous women (hopefully).

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