Wednesday, July 16, 2008

1 Year!!!

We are closing in on the one-year anniversary of this blog, which is Aug 21. But even more importantly we are rapidly approaching the 1 year anniversary of me as a blogger, Aug 1. Why the two separate dates? My blogging began on my labs website (private so no one outside the lab could see it) as I documented my trip to Hawaii (July 27 - Aug something 10 days after the 27th). That trip kicked ass!

The reason I blogged is because I knew some kinda crazy would happen. I started a bet just before I left as we all guessed how much weight I would gain upon my return. It turned out to be like 10 lbs, but I would document all my doings and adventures and foodings as I went. Craziness ensued and I decided to do it "full-time" which is funny because I only get to do it like once a week or so. I can't even do my video blog once a month.

Side trackings aside, I would say the blog has been pretty successful. Together we have done so much. You've watched me get fat, then skinny (pre-NY), then fat (post-NY), then skinny (pre-Oregon), and I'm about to get fat again (the return of I'm Fat!). I still need to talk about the time between post-NY and pre-Oregon. We've seen my car, its adventures of death defying driving, and being world famous. We've seen me go on dates and get a girlfriend. I've stuck my finger in my butt and fed it to my brother! The list goes on and on and on and...

What is a random blog without a trip down memory lane? For the whole month of August I will force you all to relive my favorite stories from this blog. I will start the month off by publicizing my first bloggings: Pineapples and Palm Trees. I will post all of that original blog since it is only about a week worth of stuff. I will then Top 5 my favorite postings. I will continue to post new stuff that happens during the month which shouldn't be much due to grad school. And I will top it off with something. I don't know what yet, but it will be something.

The month of August is upon us, and my one year anniversary of blogging is near. Next month is gonna be a hoot and a holler of a good time. Thanks for being with me this whole time! Keep reading, and we'll let the good times roll.

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