Saturday, June 21, 2008

A story for you

Ptolemy likes to listen to Endless Love. He hums it all the time. He never does this to himself though, as he hums outloud. When no one is around though, he goes full blast. Sings both the Lionel Richie part and the Diana Ross part. He has two different voices for each one.

He dreams of singing this song in the karaoke bar on Tues nights, but he can never work up the courage to get on the big show. He knew that if he could sing that song out loud, then the whole "world" will get to hear this great song.

5 Tuesdays have passed and other not so great songs get played and sang. He knows how badly Anthony wants this song, but he just can't get the courage to sing it.

One day he heads to Karaoke City to give it one last try. If he doesn't sing this time he will never try again. On his way to the City he sees many strange costumes. They look familiar yet he doesn't know how.

Just outside the door the bouncer stops him. He looks Ptolemy up and down. He says "interesting costume you got there." He then lets Ptolemy in.

Inside it looks as if everyone has worn 1 of two things. He realizes something is up but he cant figure it out. Then the lights go out and its Karaoke time. The first person gets up. A song is played and its Easy. The next song thats played is Baby Love.

"What is going on here?" Ptolemy thinks to himself.

A girl stands on stage. Some music hits. Ptolemy gets very scared. He realizes this is his opportunity, but he can't get the courage to sing.

The girl just stands there as her song is played. The DJ resets the song. Again the girl stands there. The DJ resets the song.

Ptolemy jumps up and begins to sing the parts of Lionel Richie. The girl gets very excited and looks at Ptolemy as if saying thanks, and begins to duet with Ptolemy.

The singing in his head causes Anthony to listen to Endless Love while he types a message.

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