Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Worst Nightmare

So I was playing basketball today. Then my worst fear came true... well sort of. I'm petrified to hurt my knee because I really depend on them as the source of my athleticism. If I ever hurt my knees I don't know how I would ever be able to do the things I want to ever again and then I will just get tremendously fat. I'm fat anyways but at least I can pretend to run it off.

Today on one of the very first plays I drive hard to the basket. I step hard with my left and then I feel my knee buckle. It does a quick shake from left to right. My momentum carried me toward the bucket, but all I could think of was hitting the floor so I don't further injure myself.

I throw the ball at the hoop and dive at the floor holding my knee. It didnt' hurt initially, but I definitely felt a pop. I got up and then played the rest of the game and one more. I didn't run that much in that game, and I definitely didn't move laterally.

So here I sit coddling my knee, because now it hurts. I hope its a minor thing and I hope I can be active in a few days again. Only time will tell...

Update: Apparently my knee is swelling up quite nicely which means that something bad is going on under the skin. This could get worse, stay tuned...

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