Monday, June 30, 2008

Levi Ad

What are they trying to say with this ad?

Surfing the internet this morning, I came across this and wondered to myself what message Levi was trying to send when they wrote this. I don't want to be criticized for being racist, but doesn't it look like the man is in jail? A man wearing a complete denim uniform sitting next to a cinder block wall.

I think they could have made this a little less evident by allowing the man to wear something else. Why didn't they go their normal model route and make the man wear no shirt? That never failed in the past. Who wears denim shirts anyways? Nobody, that's who. Anyways... rant over!

1 comment:

TestingTFV said...

You're right, this ad is stupid. Maybe it's a joke? Or the target market is prisoners?

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