Sunday, May 18, 2008


On Friday I left for NY. I got up at like 630am ABQ time and got ready. Stef drove me to the airport but we ate breakfast before I departed. This is important because I knew it would be my only meal until I got into NY for reason that I will get into in a bit. I ate breakfast at about 8am, and didn’t eat till maximum capacity. This also becomes crucial, as you will see in a bit.

So Stef said goodbye to me and away I went on the journey of a daytime. I go through security quickly and get to my terminal. I get my seat assignment and await the boarding process. The plane arrives slightly late, that will set the flight back like 5 min. No big deal. We board and sit and then the pilot comes on in the typical pilot jumble talk and says “When I was performing my inspection of the plane, I found evidence that we hit a bird on route, so the mechanic will be coming to inspect the flaps to make sure we can have a safe trip.”

At first I was thinking screw the safe trip I just wanna get there. Then I was like its nice that the aircrew is so concerned over our safety (even though it is more for his own life). Then it occurred to me that I was still in Albuquerque and that people here like to take their time.

The pilot said the mechanic would take a couple minutes to arrive and the inspection wouldn’t take too long. YEAH RIGHT! This is freakin’ Abq, NM. Everything here happens at the slowest possible rate. One hour later (my schedule departure was for 1025am) we are taking off. Thank goodness my next flight departs at 1215!

We get into the terminal in Denver at 1216. The flight attendant tells us that the flight to LGA is boarding and gives me the terminal number (which thankfully is very near where we pull into). I run to my next departure.

I get there just in time to find out that this plane is delayed too. There is inclement weather in the Northeast and we are now waiting to get a departure time. Currently it was set to 1pm, but we all know things are not set in stone. They tell us to stay near because the departure time can be moved up if we get a window to leave because the plane is all ready to be boarded.

This means I won’t get to eat in Denver. This is ok with me because I wasn’t very hungry as it was. I ate a hefty breakfast (not as much as I can eat, or even till I was full, but hefty nonetheless), I could last till I get to NY. Boy was I wrong.

My flight to NY finally gets the clear to go with a wheels up time at 310. The pilot says he can make up some time and proceeds to fly at the speed of sound. I don’t know how he pulled it off, but there was some time dilation going on. I’m kidding of course, but we ended up getting into NY at 745 (my original arrival was at 600pm) so I didn’t lose that much time. I hope this doesn’t set a trend for the trip. Everywhere I go is going to take longer than expected. We’ll see…

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