Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Streak Continues...

Yesterday was the day I was supposed to fly back to ABQ, but alas here I sit in the Denver airport. My flight was due to take off at 525pm local time getting me to Denver at 755 or so giving me plenty of time to catch my connecting flight at 918pm. This would get me to Abq at the late but nice time of 1030pm.

This was not the agenda as nature and United saw it. I was horribly delayed in LGA to the tune of 3.5 hours! And it wasn't just a regular delay, as I was sitting on the plane on the runway for that entire duration. It was only at the 3 hour mark did they bother to serve us food, and it was a lousy granola bar (although I do like them). What I really wanted and needed was some water. The nerve...

At one point the captain came on and said that there were 40 planes in front of us in queue to take off. 40 planes. The pilot told us that there was bad weather just to the west of NYC, which grounded all planes going West. Some planes going East were grounded initially, but that cleared up after about an hour and a half. My biggest problem was why there was no alternate route that would fly east and south or north to avoid the weather. Oh well.

So sitting there for 3.5 hours was no fun and we watched the in flight movie during the delay. It was Fools Gold, which sadly was pretty entertaining.

The pilot had a pretty good sense of humor too. Throughout the whole ordeal the pilot would move the plane around as directed by the tower and he would fill us in on the details the whole time. At one point he came on and said, "Good news ladies and gentlemen, we have not been sitting on this part of the runway tonight. So at least we get to try something new for a change." That got a lot of laughs.

I got into Denver at about 1115PM local time and found out my itinerary had been rescheduled to today. They didn't even bother to put me in a hotel, but at least I got a discounted at a really nice place called the Timbers Hotel. I paid $60 for the night, and it was easily worth the cost. Really nice place.

Soon my seating tier will be called and I will be in Albuquerque once again. Back to school and work where I get to begin preparing for a talk that got sprung on me in 2 weeks time. Hooray for me!


Mom said...
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Mom said...

Although you were delayed you forgot to mentioned the WWF wrestler you did get to meet in Denver.

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