Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The following song lyrics are almost entirely original. I came up with them because I had a song stuck in my head all day and could only remember the first verse's first line. So I then made up the rest. The song is "Shorty is the Sh*t" by Dream ft. Fabolous. I robbed that first line and then added my own lyrics and I have no clue if any of my other lines are robbed from the song, because I don't know the lyrics. Anyways check it out:

Sh, Sh, Sh, Sh, Sugar honey iced tea
What you know about me?
Call me up or write me
Flossin in the drop top glistening and icey
Got them diamonds and some jewels all a them real pricey.
Girls be saying "He Got Game" thinking I was Spike Lee.
And my style is forever like I was a Sharpie.
Them pretty girls gon follow me
and I should g-get with her.
If yo waitress is real pretty
you should t-t-tip her.
I only pick the finest ho
You prolly want a lotta those
like I'mma win the lotto tho'.
I got a girlfriend and she knows that I'm fo real
Give her all the finest things, she know I got skeelz
No need to say "I love you" she know how I feel
Get to spank that @$$ all night, she know what the deal.
Black, white, latino, or arabic
She like it
when I hit
that all night long
she won't do me wrong
Cause shawty is the sh*t!

Here is the original song (edited) so you can compare:

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