Monday, May 19, 2008

My First Day in the City in a long time

So the day after all that mess that I previously wrote about, I had to get home to surprise my little brother for his birthday. To do that I had to venture into the City which is one of my favorite things to do. I had to take the subway from Queens into Manhattan and then get to Grand Central and take the Metro North to Beacon.

My objective was clear. Take the R to Lexington and then take the 4/5 down into Grand Central. So I hit the Subway in Queens and wait for the R. On this track 4 trains run through, the R, G, E, and F. They all have their routes and I could take the E, F, or R but the R is the most direct.

I wait like 30 minutes and notice that 4 E and F trains (each) go by without one G or R and I begin to wonder what is going on. I then realize that there are flyers posted everywhere that say the G and R won't run that day due to subway maintenance. It wasn't like the flyers were hidden. They were posted EVERYWHERE and I just thought they were advertisements or something. My bad!

I then decide to get on the F because of the amount of people taking the E. After 2 stops I realized why so many people take the E. That is the express into Manhattan and it would have put me closer to GC than the F. One more mistake to deal with.

I studied the subway map for a while so that I would know where to go when I got of the train. According to the map at my stop (Lex and 63rd), there was a connecting looking thing that so I could walk to the stop where I could catch the 4 or 5 to take into GC (all in the subway tunnels). As it turned out, I could only go up to street level.

At this point I figured I should just walk to GC because in my head it was on 50th and that was only 13 blocks. So above ground I go and walk I do. I get to 51st where I would have normally caught the 4/5 to take into GC and I decide not to waste another 2 dollars. I then immediately spend my last $2 on a hot dog. Mmmm those succulent dirty water gods dogs. As soon as I did this I realized that GC is not on 50th and it was on 42nd St. What the hell did I just do?

If you recall I am wearing the clothes I wore the night before, which are the clothes I wore the day before that, and that is a button down long-sleeve shirt, cargo shorts, and flip-flops. Remember the shirt is ripped, now I smell like alcohol and travel, my feet are cut up from walking around barefoot (essentially) for the night, and my foot is now getting a massive blister on it from the sandals. But at least I have a hot dog to satisfy my massive hunger.

I end up walking the mile (NYC blocks 20 = 1 mile) with the tattered clothes, bad smell, and massacred feet. I get to GC alive and get on the train northbound to Beacon. Of course there was a delay at some point for like 5 minutes, but it was a delay nonetheless.

I just can't catch a break with travels lately even though this entire trip was my fault. I did enjoy the walk through NYC, and my return trip (when I get to go shoe shopping) should be better planned out, even though my feet were bleeding (that is no lie). I suggest no one travel with me for quite some time so that I don't kill anyone. Stay away from the travelator!

Update: I forgot to mention that I woke up at 9am after falling asleep at like 4 and that I had the alcohol shakes (not enough sleep mixed with hangover) and that made walking around very easy. So through that into my list of personal problems.

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