Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Fat! Episode 2

Here is the next installment of I'm Fat! starring me. This is a look at my fat level prior to going to NY. The next video(s) will be the damage done in going home and progress afterward. It is clear I didn't put much effort into this video. Actually I had a previous take that was way better but with shoddy camera work (more so than this one believe it or not) and so did not make the final cut. Anyways without further delay here is the second episode of I'm Fat!

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TestingTFV said...

OK, That is still hilarious, at least in the beginning and ending parts. The middle I have to admit makes me pretty uncomfortable, and I'm sure you're glad about that. It's just blatant naked stuff to get those girls and creepy guys to post more comments on your blog. But the commentary is still hilarious. Especially the very end, "stay thin America"...I am still laughing.

And by the way, tell your Mom to keep having those talks with you while she is cooking you all that awesome food. You had a tired or something kind of look in your eyes this week that worried me, and I don't want you liking NY too much to come back to the lab. You have a lot of ass kicking to do here. But while you're out there, you have a lot of food to eat and whatever the hell else you do in NY. Also, you have a lot of illustratin' to do. I frickin' loved that BL shotgun chromatin mapping illustration...along with the others, like crazy I-PpoI adenovirus man. We gotta start putting those on the public wiki. especially the sizzle logo. Peace out and have a great trip (and come back and kick ass). TFV

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