Sunday, May 18, 2008

Friday Night

I got my behind to a cab (from the airport) as fast as possible so I could get some food. I was really on my way to Trin’s place but getting to her fast meant getting to food fast. At this point it is very near 9pm NY time (7pm in NM), this translates to 11 hours of no food.

So as you can imagine I’m hungry. Very hungry. Writing about how hungry I am is making me hungry and making me think that I’m as hungry as I was at the time (which to me was yesterday).

Trin and I head off to some wine bar in Brooklyn (Donna da Vino’s or something like that). It was real cozy and looked pretty stereotypical NYC yuppie, but the best thing was the prices which weren’t NYC at all. I got these Sirloin sliders (basically mini burgers) which were extremely good and only $10. I wanted a billion but settled for 3 (it was $10 for 2 and I ate one of Trin’s).

I call this a failure because I didn’t eat anything that I wanted to. No White Castle, no Krispy Kreme, no pizza, no Chinese food, none of that. The burgers were delicious, but they weren’t the heaven in the form of grease that I have been longing for for a year. Anyways this night would become an adventure that would take my mind off this until the next day (which is today for me now). So let’s get on with it…

This is where the night gets crazy. It is crazy for several reasons. The first is that I am improperly dressed. My attire consists of a button down long-sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up halfway, cargo shorts, and flip-flops. Why is this inappropriate? As I mentioned before there was bad weather in NY. So I get off the plane and the temperature is in the 40’s and it is raining. Not short and sandal weather by any means.

Another reason it was crazy because of the locations of all our stops on the journey. We went between Brooklyn and Queens like 5 times. And no it wasn’t because we were on the border of the two. If I had any clue where I was last night I would make a map of it to show you all, but I don’t so I won’t. I will try to piece it together later and if I can figure out where I was I’ll gmap-pedometer it or something.

Ok, so from the wine bar we head off to some other bar whose name and location are completely unknown to me. The point of this stop was to meet up with some friends and hang out and figure out what to do next.

This is why I loved NY. In NY you meet people at a place and then go figure out where you are really going. Why? Because there are like a gazillion places to go and if you want to hit them all you have to make as many unnecessary stops as possible. ABQ is not like this at all. Everyone just goes downtime cause that is the only place in the city where there is more than one bar in close proximity so people pretend to bar hop. Of course they all get drunk, drive home, and die. NY we really bar hop and then public transport it back home so we can live to do it again tomorrow.

Anyways we meet up with friends and now there are 7 of us. It was a nice group. The surprise of the night is that one of them was a friend of mine from high school, Anthony Serino. I could go into details, but I don’t wanna so I won’t. We had our brief moment of catching up, only because you are supposed to. Nobody actually cares what the other is doing now, its just something people do for courtesy or something.

We celebrate our reuniting over a car bomb (my favorite drink in the world). The car bomb initiates a night of lots of drinks and good times. We thus gather the crew and figure out where to make our next stop. There are all kinds of choices (and none of them include the bar next door or across the street) and we decide on this one place after figuring out where it was. I have no clue how we figured it out because one moment I remember people were googling random stuff to find it and giving up. Nevertheless we find it and hop in two cabs and get going.

We end up in some back alley street type of deal with a bunch of abandoned looking apartment buildings. If you’ve ever seen a movie with a European style rave, this is exactly what the exterior (and interior) looked like. I really can’t describe it any better than that, but it was a perfect match. Inside the front door was this puny bouncer collecting a cover fee, but unlike places in ABQ the cover was the only fee we would pay. Open bar baby!

We head to the 4th floor and could hear the music. We listen to every door to find out where the music is loudest and knock. Some weird dude lets us in and party we are.

This is no ordinary party. First off I thought it was a bar, until we got there and then I was wondering how many different drugs and hookers I’m going to be offered. Every part of this trip reminds me of my Cocaine Party night in Denver. The reason we chose this place over all the other suitable (and less sketchy) places to get drunk in NY, was this place had weddings! That’s right, anyone could go in and get married and divorced immediately after. What a theme! Every one of us was extremely excited to get married to one of the others and make mistakes.

Mistakes were made. Upon entry we discover the “bar” is this super tiny counter top with tons of liquors and mixers and beer crammed on it. You could ask for whatever you wanted, but every time you did the bartender looked like she was gonna kill you. We order drinks (get the stare down) and figure out where the “chapel” is.

Turns out there were two. One was in a private room, and the other was located in the middle of the main room. There was some minister guy standing around performing marriages in various religions. My friend Trin gets married to this guy Andrew in Hebrew in a very touching ceremony.

My turn! Trin’s friend Becky really wanted to marry me, so we get hitched. I ask the minister to run down the list of ceremonies and he comes across Hindu and I shout out “That one!” 8000 hours later the ceremony ends. It wasn’t that long, but comparatively to the Hebrew one it was looooooong. The guy just kept making up vows. I was like how many different things can I “pledge” my love to? Apparently a lot. The only advice I can provide people who want to get married, drunk, at a random party that has many different ceremonies is don’t do the Hindu wedding!

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