Monday, May 5, 2008

The Diet

I have determined that I have some time before I head home and with that I have decided to pull myself together for a final push. Of course, all my hard work will ultimately be ruined since I am 100% definitely going to pig out when I get to NY. How can I not, with great pizza, white castle, decent chinese food, krispy kreme, and my mom's cooking! But that is the reason for this final push. If I can drop a bunch of pounds now I will be able to withstand my loses of an approximate 10 pound gain when I go home.

I guess 10 lbs because it was around that much weight that I gained when I went to Hawaii last summer and I didn't have half the options that I have at home. I expect this trip to be an eating fiasco.

But that doesn't mean I have to quit. I have a goal. I want to get in good enough shape for when I go home and then start a killer workout and summer plan to get me in even better shape. More to come on that when I get back from NY and feel fat and pathetic. As for now let's talk about my current plans.


This is the one aspect of the I'm Fat show that I have been good with, and even prior to this show I've done well with. Since January I have maintained a fairly consistent workout schedule with minor deviations and the necessary week of rest.

My workout consisted of 4 days. I would lift Monday, Tuesday, Thurs, and Fri where Mon and Thurs would be the one workout (A) and Tues and Fri would be another workout (B). I did it this way because I found that this method allowed me to build initial strength quickly (not muscle mass) and was a good cardio lift as well. I could go into slightly more detail but I'm too lazy. You can just ask questions and I will reply in the comments.

Workout A (Chest, Triceps, Legs)
Bench Press
Dumbell Bench
Dumbell Flys
Skull Crushers
Tricep Pulldowns
Leg Curls
Leg Extensions
Leg Press (or Squat)

Workout B (Shoulders, Back, and Biceps)
Incline Barbell Bench
Military Press (Dumbell or Barbell)
Upright Rows
Front Raises
Side (Lat) Raises
Shoulder Shrugs
Lat Pulldowns
Seated Rows (Machine)
Alternating Dumbell Curls
EZ bar curls

I have now switched to a 3 day routine to give my muscles maximum rest for improved strength and muscle growth. My workouts now are with heavier weights and lower reps than during the first stretch, but similar amounts of sets (sometimes even more). For example most of the first stretch was about 4 sets of every exercise. In this routine I do a minimum of 4 sets. Mostly 5 sets for the major exercises with an extra warmup set and a warm down set. I have also eliminated my leg workout because my legs are unnaturally muscular and I play basketball a lot and I figure thats good enough. Also I change up the exercises I do every 2 or 3 weeks to keep my muscles from getting acclimated to the work load. This allows for constant growth and prevents plateauing. In my next post I will go into detail about what exercises I do, for how many sets/reps, and how I do them... ie the gory details!

Workout C
This is the chest and triceps workout. I usually do about 4 exercises per week. Two that involve both chest and tris and one for each of the groups separately. For instance: 5 sets of barbell bench press, 4 sets of dumbell flys, 4 sets of rope pulldowns, and 4 sets of dips.

Workout D
This is back and bicep day. I don't really know too many different of these exercises so I mostly just change up the sets and reps and weights of each workout and maybe I'll vary something very minor like hand positions. Most of the time I will do 3/4 exercises, 2 back and 2 biceps. My favorite back exercise to do is weighted pullups. Currently I am up to 45lbs of weight, and last time I tried 70 lbs but could only do 2 reps.

Workout E
This is shoulder day. My routine changes the least on this day, so I make sure to add weight every 2 or 3 weeks. Oh and one more thing, after each day of lifting I follow it up with some ab workouts.

This is every day. I will go into more details later, but the important thing to do is make sure to limit your rest in between exercises. This is the more cardio part of the workout. You can do whatever you want. I like to chose like 4 different exercises and do about 30 reps of each without rest. I also like to lump similar exercises. Like one day I'll do crunches and situps, and another day I'll do leglifts and other lower ab exercises that I don't know the names of. 8 Minute Abs has some good exercises that you can do. Google also works well too.

This is the part that I have been failing at. Prior to right now, my diet has been a mess of sugar and junk. It hasn't had a huge impact since I work out a lot, but I haven't seen any fat loss. It mostly comes in the evening when I like to gorge on chocolate and other various sweets that I can get my hands on. You can try this method if you want, but it hasn't really worked for me.

Currently I have a pretty sound method that should work for the next few weeks. The premise is simple... CONTROL MYSELF! All I have to not do is pig out! Of course this is easier said than done, but I just have to have willpower. I would much rather do method 1 above, but for the greater good I will follow this method.

I know my body pretty well. I realize that the sugary junk foods get stored as fat almost as soon as it enters my body. So I will need to minimize my carbs. Since I lift I also want to maximize my protein intake. Since I want to be healthy I want to eat a bunch of vitamins and minerals. To accomplish two of these I bought some Powerbar Protein Plus bars (max protein, vitamins, and minerals). I also just need to make sure that I don't eat junk all day since thats where the majority of my carbs come from.

It seems like I have control, but only time will tell. As of now I can do this, but maybe the starving and the cravings will take over by the end of this week and hold out longer I will not. Let's hope not. If I can exercise more that will discourage me from ruining this diet, because that's how my brain works. Boy I hope I can do this... more to come.

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