Friday, April 11, 2008

Week in review 4/5 - 4/11

Well I haven't posted anything in a week so I need to fill you in on everything thats been going on. It's not that I've got nothing to report, its just that I've been busy and a bit uninspired. With that I will report on what's been going on in the Grad Life:
  • What's up with the belly? Well this week has almost been a waste. I'm trying to salvage what I can from it, but it's been tough. I def strained my ab's last wed or thursday, but I didn't notice it until about saturday or sunday. So this week I haven't been able to do much exercise. I did lift a couple times, but no ab workout. To counteract the lack of workouts I had to eat less, but I've also eaten more healthy. This is good. I'm gonna try and get back in it. The stomach doesn't look so bad today though.
  • New relationships: I've been seeing this girl since last Wednesday. I wrote about it a couple posts ago, but that whole story was fake. The only real thing was that we both did go on a date together. I don't know what to say about this though. It is on the path to getting serious, but let me tell you this week has been fun. That means exactly what you think it does, booyah!
  • School: I've been so lazy this week. We didn't have to turn in any Quantum homework so I didn't really wanna do anything else. I have been doing little tidbit tasks for Koch in the lab (actually at home) and something super exciting is going to happen. I made an emblem for the website that my lab is a part of. OpenWetWare is going to change the logo in the top left corner and put in one of my designs. You can check them out here. Also I've been charged with the task of creating (from scratch) the KochLab logo. I love this graphic design stuff!
  • Those Knicks are Teeeeerible: Thank God the season is almost done. I can't handle the abyss that my beloved have fallen into. It's sad and depressing. But there is hope! The Knicks will have a great pick in this years NBA Draft and I'm hoping they get OJ Mayo, trade away the rest of the team, and get LeBron James in 2010... oh yea and fire Isaiah Thomas.

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Mom said...

So what's her name? Congrats Anthony on the logo you must be excited, as always u make me proud.

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