Monday, March 31, 2008

Top 5 Commercials

1. Terry Tate Office Linebacker - This is a classic commercial from a few years ago during the Superbowl. What is funnier than a guy tackling a bunch of people? A guy tackling a bunch of people in an office, thats what!

2. King James - There are so many hilarious Sportscenter commercials and I could easily do a top 5 of those, but I won't. For me it comes down to three of these: Stone Cold Steve Austin studying, the Lebron James Chair, and the Y2K test. I chose this one because Scott Van Pelt clearly has LeBron's chair and he convinces LeBron and audiences that he doesn't. I had to see it several times before I believed that it was LBJ's as well. A close honorable mention in the SC commercials was the D-Wade commercial making up his own highlight.

3. Bear Fight - This commercial is just plain hilarious. The ad makes no sense what-so-ever, I mean who is going to buy canned salmon? No one, but at least now I know you can because this commercial has let me know this. The best part is when the guy and bear trade kung-fu moves before the bear kicks the man in the shin. Classic.

4. Sprint phone features - Another funny commercial about 2 guys arguing who has the better phone. One guy's is clearly better.

5. Messing with Sasquatch - There are a whole bunch of these, including some only for internet ones, but I think the shaving cream one is the funniest. There were so many commercials to choose from and I opted for this one because a lot of the others I had seen too many times or just wasn't in the mood to watch it again. Plus if I wanted to show my 5 favorite commercials then they prolly all would be in the same category (ie the sportscenter ones).

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