Monday, March 31, 2008

My next Quest

I have for some time, spoken about the horrific state of driving here in NM and more specifically Albuquerque. So Larry and I have been talking and we hope to one day document all the crazy situations we have been involved in. I want to get some of these moments on tape. The plan would be to use my digital camera to get hours of footage of driving and then edit it down to show the close calls or actual calls.

I expect this will end up like that show Ghost Hunters. Its a show on Sci-Fi which is actually pretty cool, where these guys try to document paranormal activity. I will attempt to document paranormal driving. I assume I have a high percentage chance to capture something great, because when I drive around normally I narrowly avoid an accident daily. Lately, the most common incident has been sideswiping.

The ultimate goal would be so I can post the video on YouTube and this site. Of course I would set it to some sweet music, which I envision will allow me to make a montage of awesomeness.

Another idea I have would be to follow around The Worst Driver in the World (twd from here on) in hopes of capturing even more spectacular footage. I would have to do so covertly, but I suspect that if I were caught twd would probably react favorably, panic, and drive even worse thus making for better footage.

I'll keep you posted on production dates and any events related to the project which for now I will dub: "Driving Abq"

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