Friday, February 22, 2008

A New Low

So as I've mentioned, it's Lent. Today also happens to be a Friday during Lent. What does that mean? Well that today is a day for fasting. No food all day and that means I get pretty hungry come... wake-up time.

So it is around 530pm now and I have just hit a new low. Dan (friend and receptionist at the physics department) brought in some donuts for us to eat. I know I can't eat so I make Larry eat an extra one so that I can live vicariously through him. At some point everyone leaves the room we are doing homework in and I go over to the donuts.

I have no intention to eat one, but I want to at least look. So I waddle over to the donuts and take a smell. They smell heavenly. I decide they need further inspection, so I pick one up. I grad a coconut toasted donut. It feels amazing to the touch. Nice and soft and the heat from my hands causes some melting of the exterior. Perfect. I then break it in half, to inspect the inside. Golden brown coloring with delectable flavor (or so it would have been if I could eat it). I notice some oozing of the donut and give a good whiff. I can smell the sweet sensations of the sugar fill my nostrils and memories of glorious previous donuts fill the senses. I can literally taste the donut. My stomach growls (as it is now from the memory of this description) and hunger completely overwhelms my brain. I then throw the donut in the trash to prevent myself from going any further.

I looked into the trash and felt sorrow for the donut and wished I had not given it such an improper death. It belongs in my stomach where we can live happy together forever!


TestingTFV said...

I cannot believe you didn't eat the donut! I stand corrected, Wyatt, you're an oak. Unbelievable temptation, from Dan, the devil himself. BTW: Do you get to eat in the evening. Do you get to have diet soda during the day? Today I didn't eat until 6:15 pm, except for a diet coke for breakfast and two diet mountain dews at the colloquium. So, compared with you, I am like Jesus-2, or as we would say in the lab, half-jew half-white.

Dad said...

I would not have made it that far if I had touched it... way to much pressure... I second the Wyatt you're an oak, statement... or at least a masochist.
your description caused my month to water...

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