Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lenten promises

This no meat thing is hard when you dream about delicious foods you can't eat, blog about your best eating experiences, and watch a travel channel special on the best burger joints in the country. Thank veggies I was not hungry for any of it.

What's hard? Finding a place to eat at for Valentine's Day that has at least one Veggie entree. I am gonna go to this place called Yanni's which is a Mediterranean Greek place that has an entire veggie section. Yay for me.

The blogging was awesome. Reliving those delicious days was incredible. The special on travel channel made it even better. I feel like I was living vicariously through my brain. I need to have someone with me who can eat all the things I want to. I can't count on Larry cause his stomach is too sissy. Sorry, but it's true. Brad would be good. I wish I could clone myself and then give my clone a new name, that way it won't be cheating. Then Ayndel could eat all the meat I want to and tell me all about the awesomeness of it.

Oh yea, this post also doesn't help...

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