Thursday, February 7, 2008

LBC: Day 3, 4, and 5

This trip just turned out to be insane. Days were spent going to seminars and recuperating from the previous nights binges, and nights were spent binging. Everyday was a roller coaster ride and a gambit of emotion.

The talks were great. With a few exceptions I pretty much got to see everything I was hoping to see. They had these poster presentations in the afternoon where students and professors show off their research on posters (3rd grade science fair style, but with better technology) and fellow scientists walk around and look at everything and ask questions.

Days 3 and 4 are kinda fuzzy to me, but I will try and piece together as much as possible. As I talk to the other trip members we'll remember more and I will post whatever I didn't. That will prolly end up not happening because I will get lazy, but just thinking that it could should get you excited, right?

Day 3 was almost a complete waste of a science day. We got up around 10 or so and rush out to hit up the seminars. The reason for this was because of the Super Bowl. The game was at 330pm and we needed to find a place to eat and watch the game.

Come 2pm we leave the conference and walk along the strip of bars and restaurants to see where we can watch the game. Just about every place had a cover charge and the one place that didn't was a $40 entry fee, that we weren't having any part of. We decided to go to Hooters and pick up wings and nachos for the game and watch it back at our place (cause Hooters also had a cover).

Diego, Larry, and myself ate about 50 wings and the nachos and then Diego hibernated for most of the game. Koch didn't even bother to watch the single-most important sporting event of the year and for that we gave him poo. Larry and I watched in horror for most of the game as the Patriots were winning, by a narrow margin, and no one would budge from their position. When David Tyree made that amazing catch and Eli made that amazing throw for the craziest play of the game, everyone was jaw-dropped. The heart pounder was that TD to Plaxico Burress. I jumped off the bed and ran around the room and then just stood in a corner and stared at the wall shaking with excitement, as in 35 seconds the Giants would be crowned the winner. That is close to the greatest moment of my life.

Anyways, as soon as the game was over I began the celebration as I pounded like 5 beers within like 10 minutes. We headed out to another talk, but Larry brought the last 2 beers with him so that during the talk we could head to the bathroom and drink them to keep our buzz going. We did so and our plan worked. Koch thought it was funny, but I think that he was angry on the inside. We then all got drunk together, but I don't really remember the funny stories from this night so I will have to bring them back later.

The next day's morning, noon, and afternoon were pretty much all the same (minus the football game). Go to talks, eat, look at posters, eat again, go back to hotel. This night would turn out to be quite the trip and I know I won't do it justice at all. I think instead of describing it all here I will save it for a brand new post. So keep on the lookout for Day 4 madness.

Day 5 was a trip, literally. Diego presented his poster from 1:45-3:45. During his presentation Larry and I met some girls from UNC and sent them over to Diego's poster to mess with him. They failed miserably. We gave them such firepower and they didn't use any of it. After the poster session, we embarked on the one event we had planned since our arrival: a trip to Krispy Kreme.

We found one about 5 miles away from our hotel. Diego, Larry, and myself left at around 430 to hopefully arrive at 6pm right when I knew the Hot Light would be on. For those not in the know, the Hot Light lets customers know that KKD is making fresh hot donuts and that if they go inside they get a free donut. We walked through some pretty bad neighborhoods as the sun was setting, and stop at a famous fast-food establishment in the West: In-N-Out Burger.

INOB (as will be abbreviated) is pretty good and they have the most complex menu ever. The combos are: #1 Double-Double Burger (double meat and double cheese), #2 Cheeseburger, and #3 Hamburger. That's it! I was never more confused in my life. Seeing as how I'm a glutton, I really only had one option, the #1. Surprisingly the food was good, but it took a little long because we had just walked 5 miles and were pretty hungry.

After dinner at INOB, we head off to the KKD which is right across the parking lot. To our dismay there is no Hot Light. We decide to inquire within. We find out that they don't even make the donuts at that location, and that they have basically been reduced to a gas station. The stupid thing is that they have all the equipment in the location, but they don't use it anymore. I don't get why they don't just abandon the location. Anyways we decided to head home with our hearts broken.

Diego calls a cab and we head off to the ATM to get cash. The cab calling process was a debacle in itself because they wanted an exact location and all we knew was that we were at a Krispy Kreme. They kept saying they needed an exact address and we are like just pick us up at the intersection. After like 5 minutes of arguing and asking for the addy to the KKD, they send a cab. We head to the ATM which is like 100 ft from the building. The cab driver pulls up and then drives away. Diego and I are chasing him down waving in the air, but he drives off anyways. We had to call back and get him to turn around. Very frustrating. Anyways like 4 hours and $30 poorer we get back to the hotel and tell Koch and Paul the entire debacle. Job well done.

Ok I'm gonna stop there, because my computer screen is getting annoying to look at and my hands are cold. Hope you enjoyed my story and I'll be sure to get Day 4 and the drive home stories up as soon as possible.

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