Sunday, February 3, 2008

LBC: Day 2

Talks began the day at noon, because it was then that I could proceed with the day after an insane night of drinking. We also visited the Aquarium which was pretty cool and I got one great picture (to be posted later). Dinner proceeded that and then we began drinking for day 2.

Escalator races commenced once again, but this time Paul got in on the action. Winners and losers don't matter (and that's not code for I lost because my team won), but we did get kicked out of the Lobby this time. Security was ready. Some black dude walked over to us (with some fancy smock for a uniform) and said "No sir not at all" or something like that. I quickly said we are sorry and we left for the bars.

The drink menu for tonight was:
Beer (again)
Rum and Dr. Pepper
Tequila shots

Sorry for the lack of information, but there isn't much more than those specifics left in my head.
I do have some incriminating evidence for my advisor should I ever get threatened to leave school, so I should be financially set for life.

So we did our escalator races and then we left for some bar called Mai Tai. The idea was that it has an asian name so Asian chicks should be there. There was a cover so we ended up not going. But on the way to the free bar, we decided to do Hispanic Wars. Diego and I each wore a person and raced toward Koch. I had Paul who is a 6'4" 220lbs guy, and Diego had Larry who is ab out 170lbs. So Our combined wieght was way more than that of Diego's and Larry's.

Needless to say we lost, but I believe it to be because of the lack of shoe tying I did. I just tuck my laces into my shoe and left it up to chance. My shoes were borderline falling off the whole race and I focused on it. I know it sounds like I'm making some buchinche (or however its spelt), but if my shoes were properly attached I would have won that nonsense.

Anyways we went to the same bar we went to the night before where I helped the single members of the lab hit on some Asian girls. My opening line was provided by my advisor but my hertigial orientation provided never ending conversation.

We then went backto our hotel after getting abruptly kicked out the bar at 2am. We drank for a little more while Diego and Larry provided background wrestling. We then went to bed.

I suck at telling stories...

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