Saturday, February 2, 2008

LBC Day 1

We arrive in Long Beach at 7pm local time to a Koch welcoming party. We check in and immediately go get food and alcohol. We head to this microbrewery called Rock Bottom, which had delicious food.

The menu for the night was pretty crazy...well not as bad as I'm used to but still a lot:

3 pitchers at Rock Bottom
1 round of car bombs
1 more round of beers
1 18 pack of bud light

So that totaled like 5/6 drinks for me.

This amount of drinking lead to many amazing events. 1st we had some escalator races. Someone named Anthony noticed that after a certain P.M. time they get shut off. So the crew of us walked past the escalators and I yelled out, "I hate when the escalators get turned into stairs." I then made some comment about how they were off and then our wonderful advisor mentioned that there was only one thing to do.... Race!

The escalator races were on! We did single races first up and down. Then we did relay. The race was Larry and Koch vs Diego and myself. I was way in front of Koch during my leg (the final leg) and I decided to pull a hare. He began to catch up and before I knew it Koch leaped to his doom and ended up beating me. Somehow I also dove and we both ended up with life changing injuries. He had escalator grease on his shirt and forearm and had a scratch on his forearm, and I had lost the skin on my knees. Good job for day 1 in LBC.

We then went up to our room where Diego decided to give a presentation about his poster. Koch asked some questions and this resulted in an emotionfest. We all proceeded to turn into vag-es and cried on each other for the rest of the night. We sopped up each others vaginas and pulled it together in time to go to bed.

Day 1 was actually really like one-fifth a day, but it was still the night to kick it all off. Think of it like one very awesome Olympic opening ceremony.

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