Friday, February 15, 2008

The Biggest Choke of All Time

So yesterday's date went so well. Everything was looking up and out or whichever direction good things tend to look. Dinner was lovely (for lack of a straight word), and the plan was to go dancing, but we decided to stay in a watch some movies.

She pretty much made that decision, and in my view of the woman world that means - lets just get really close and skip all the "dancing" both literally and figuratively. You know that look that girls give when they really want you, well I was getting that look. And all I could think of is "Damn, this is really obvious." Instead of acting I just got really nervous for some stupid reason.

I've never been too good with first moves, mostly because every girl I have ever been with has made the move. Which is fine by me, because it's less decision making on my part. So instead of just leaping and making first contact, I just sat there and looked back at her.

I now think about it from her perspective and I think she thinks I snubbed her or something. Of course this is all speculation, but from her point of view I definitely can see how she would think that I had no interest in her.

So all-in-all I chickened-out and blew it pretty badly. Now I have to repair the situation. There are several things I can do:
  1. Ask her out again. This would be the best option, because then I can rework the magic.
  2. Talk with her. This would be my preferred method because then I can seek out the truth. I don't like all the hidden subtleties of the male-female interaction.
  3. Kiss her the next time I see her. This probably would get me slapped, but I think the chances of that would decrease if I opened with, "I forgot to give you something the other night." At least it works in the movies.
  4. Serenade her outside her bedroom window. This is a very bad idea because this isn't the 1600's and neither of us is a Romeo or Juliet.
  5. I don't really have a five but I did want something so I can call this a Top 5 list.
I guess I'll just ask her out again, sometime soon, and despite the fact that I would really like to ask about her feelings towards me I won't because that would be the opposite of pimp. My thinking was I asked her out as a friend and I was completely unaware of her feelings (if she even has any), so even though I thought I was getting signals I also thought maybe I'm not. I think I should just ask to make it an official date. I don't know though. Lemme know what ya'll think. Holla at ya boy, and keep ya pimp hand strong.


TestingTFV said...

I recommend taking her on a life-threatening trip in the Subaru up Rt. 4 and then a snow-shoe hike to the hot springs. That should clear things up one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

thinking to much... sounds like meat deprivation... this will clear up soon as system clears the toxins. then all will be clear. ask her out again. No need to apologize. No worries. Sometimes they like that you respected them and that you show it by asking them out again. If it is to happen it will and don't be afraid to take a chance.

Don't wait too long. Do it today.

Anonymous... :):)

To what testingfv said... that life threatening trip could be just a drive around the block too, right? Ant has a rep for lead feet... so I hear... all smiles....

Dad said...

oooooooh, hot springs....

Anonymous said...

Tell her u like her shoes.

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