Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Side Stories From Santa Fe

So I haven't posted much from this trip, but I hope to round-everything-up here in this single post. Call me lazy... cause that's what I am.

  • The very first day, Jay and I decided to do what all children do in a hotel room. Jump on the beds! No adults to stop us so we went on a tear. It didn't last long, however, as Jason had jumped onto my bed from his and broke my bed. Not noticeably, but enough so that there was a bang and that we shouldn't do that anymore. Jumping on beds isn't as fun when you aren't 80 lbs anymore.
  • There was tons of humping going on. Whenever we get together we have to hump each other, but not in the gay way. I don't know how to describe it but we both start thrusting and make this sound (like gargling). Its pretty funny.
  • The first couple days we went snowboarding, we both got facially sunburned. It was kinda funny cause it's cold out. Only white people get burned when its cold. I guess that explains the signs we saw at the top warning people about sun screen.
  • Easily the funniest (but most disgusting, consider this a warning) story from the trip. Jason and I got into some stink fight. He stuck his finger into some hole on his body (holes on his body generate horrendous smells) and then pushed his finger under my nose. The smell was putrid and I could not breathe (combination smell. and me laughing). To return the favor I managed to stupify him. Its this pressure point under the armpit that renders every body part useless and causes severe pain. So I get him in this hold as I try and roll his body off mine. I then stick my finger in my butt to create an almost equal smell. As I have him stupified, I stick my newly stinky finger under his nose to give him a taste of his own medicine. To one-up him I then stick it into his mouth. Apparently there was some residue (not much, but enough) on my finger and he ran to the bathroom and started gagging. Safe to say I won.
That is all from Sante Fe, which was some time ago. Hope to have new stories soon and some current project discussions.

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