Friday, January 11, 2008

New Eating

We had a party this past Sunday in honor of American Gladiators. The show was alright, but the food we made was amazing. The menu included: Nachos, potato skins (TGI Fridays style), mozzarella sticks, and spicy wings. To make the wings and the sticks required a dutch oven almost half-filled with oil. Who could let a half gallon of oil go to waste right?

So a couple days after I reused the oil to make some killer fried chicken. The recipe is easy and pretty quick too.

Things you will need:
  1. About 2 quarts of vegetable oil
  2. Chicken (I used skinless breasts, but anything can suffice)
  3. Corn Starch
  4. Seasonings (I used Adobo, Italian Seasoning, and garlic salt)
To make:
  1. Put enough corn starch in a bowl or plate to completely cover all the chicken you will be cooking.
  2. Mix the seasonings that you will use in with the corn starch for desired flavoring. I put enough seasoning so that you get a nice color to the mixture. Don't overdue it, but don't put so little that you can't actually see what seasoning you used.
  3. Completely coat the chicken with the corn-seasoning mixture.
  4. Heat oil in large dutch oven to about 350 degress on high heat.
  5. When desired temperature is reached put the chicken in and cook about 10-15 minutes. The chicken should float when it is just about done. You want a nice golden color to the chicken outside.
  6. Eat.
After this I realized that I shouldn't eat fried foods anymore and have since gone a little more healthy. I've been eating more veggies and protein and other good stuff lately in efforts to get in semi-shape for LBC, but also to get a nice base for the real workout that will come when the weather gets a lil warmer.

I will be posting my workouts and progress on this here blog in the future.

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Dad said...

Your postings are getting funnier...some of it I wish I did not read....:) i like the chicken recipe. i would try it but my arteries are closing when I think of it... I wonder who I can make it for??? :):) enjoy your LBC trip...

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