Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Latest Craze

I have tendencies to pick up a new hobby and then become obsessed with it for weeks on end, only to put it down one day and never do it again. Some examples: just about any video game, my former coke addiction, Krispy Kreme donuts (although if I could find a place I would go back to this), smelling Jason's orifices, etc.

The latest such development for me is a little hobby I call Rock Band. I come home nightly and put on some music (classic rock or some more contemporary stuff) and I jam out and pretend I am the drummer for each band that I listen to. For every song I think I do well I get more "fans" for. I pretend to go to shows in different cities and perform and if I meet expectations I can "unlock" other cities and other venues. I can also acquire new songs for me to play. I use my drumsticks and just bang on things to the sound of the music. It's fun. I swear.

I'm just teasing... I don't pretend to do that, I actually do play the drums and I play as a drummer in a virtual universe on a video game call Rock Band. Larry and I went out on Sat night to Wal-mart cause it was the only thing opened so late and bought this $180 game. It comes with drums and a guitar and a microphone. The game allows you to do all the things I described above, but its way more fun than I describe.

I like to play the drums and I have to hit notes that appear on screen. The notes scroll towards me so its more like a timing and rhythm thing (which is where being hispanic is really helpful). I've played so much in the past 4 nights that every time I go to bed all I see when I close my eyes are notes flying at me. And all day long all I hear are songs and their respective beats. But these mental inconveniences are pennies compared with the fun involved in Rock Band.

I'm reminded of my glory days of video gaming where I would play a game all day long and not do anything else (especially eat). This game brings all that back. I don't even wanna be in classes because of this and if I could get paid to play this game I would drop out of school. Even if it's for like $5 a day. That would be enough to pay my electric bill for the month.

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