Friday, January 11, 2008

Going to the LBC

For those not in the know, the LBC is the home of rap legend Snoop Dogg. We will be there Feb. 2-6 and it should be one of the most awesome times in science history. Here is a list of things I plan to achieve on this trip:
  1. Meet not so lame scientists.
  2. Chillax with the dude who paid the cost to be the boss.
  3. Introduce myself as something different everytime I talk to someone.
  4. Skip at least one day of conference to chill on the beach.
  5. Get drunk with other scientists and make mistakes that I will regret for years to come, but seem like smart decisions at the time.
  6. Drive out there and drive back.
  7. Don't get lost in Las Vegas.
  8. Possible death at some point between leaving for the LBC and arriving back in the Burque (which is the stupidest nickname for this city I have ever heard).
  9. Have a good time... or my dad will kill me.

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