Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Woah, Baby!

Today Leigh and I went on a drive to Santa Fe. There really was no purpose to the trip except that we wanted to travel the road less traveled, so we avoided highways almost entirely (there was a small stretch that I drove just to get out of Santa Fe and back onto the scenic route. Check out this map that sort of details my route. I was lazy and didn't want to make the route follow the road exactly, but you get the picture.

Check out the last leg of my trip, which is the Sandia mountains. I took this little dirt road that goes around the mountain and connects to I-25. If you look on the map the road isn't like that at all. First off it was a tiny dirt road, that map would have you believe its a major highway. Second, it is way more windy than the map details. Third I probably wouldn't have driven on it if I saw a sign at the top that said what the sign at the bottom said:

Check it out though, I have conquered that road. It was completely iced over and super-windy (I have just noticed that windy has 2 pronunciations, the first is of the weather like a windy day while the second is of a twisty course...stupid English) as shown here:

Oh yea and it was on a cliff the whole time. One side is a rock wall and the other is a drop off so there is little leeway on this road. There were a couple of close calls all involving the rock wall thankfully. I'd rather crash then plummet to my doom. Anyways in one particular instance the car started a vicious power slide and was heading right for the wall, I was veering on the cusp of a ditch with the wheel turned all the way back onto the road. I was literally inches from scraping and completely damaging the entire left side of the car.

In the midst of all this turmoil I was able catch some nice views with the help of my trusty side-kick. Check this out:

Easily this was the craziest drive I have ever been on, but also extremely fun. The rallying aspect of almost dying was awesome and I would definitely do that drive again just not when the road is iced over. I will have more on this trip a little later but right now I need to get some food in me cause all this driving has exhausted me.


TestingTFV said...

So was Leigh thrown out of the car against the cliff so she could take that last photo? Looks like a fun trip. Let me know when there is a kochable event when your brother is in town.

TestingTFV said...

PS, I totally thought you meant "windy" = "when-dee" the first time you used it, and I laughed because it was a clever joke to complain about a map not having wind (=when-d) marked on it.

TestingTFV said...

PS, I should try to make a new blog entry between semesters. I have a bunch of saved ideas, but they are easier to do fresh.

Antman said...

i had a throwback to you with my post about the amazing diet pill. my brother asked if I had any left.

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