Monday, December 10, 2007

Top 5 Childhood Toys

  1. Transformers - I had everything from this TV show. They were the coolest toys and they still are. A couple years ago for my birthday I got Optimus Prime from the movie equipped with the Matrix! A few years before that I got Unicron for Christmas. For those who don't know he too is featured in the movie and is a transformer that changes into a planet and consumes other worlds. Too sweet.
  2. WWF/WWE Figures - I had all the wrestlers, championship belts, the ring, a steel cage, tables, ladders, and chairs (Oh my!). I would conduct entire PPV cards and hold tournaments and have weekly television shows. I was obsessed.
  3. Comic Heroes - I would orchestrate massive wars in the form of a TV cartoon. By this I mean I would act like I'm watching the show that I'm playing, and I'd even take commercial breaks. Future Batman was my favorite cause he was huge (jacked) and of course a natural leader.
  4. Video Games - I had tons of video games, but the heyday of it was back when I had a Sega Genesis. It then evolved into the Playstation where we would have NFL Blitz competitions. Once I figured out how to play D in that game I was unstoppable. Da Bomb was the best play, hands down.
  5. Power Rangers - I had the zords because I loved things transformers and things like transformers. I too was into making the TV shows with the figures, but not the way I did with the Comic Heroes.

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