Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The New Craze

I'm thinking I'mma start making lists. I am just gonna do top 5 lists. I don't know when they will come, probably randomly cause that is the way this blog works. I was thinking of starting with the top 5 numbers, but I think I will go with my top 5 experiences.
My Top 5 Experiences
  1. Puerto Rico - easily number one, because that was the most fun summer I have ever had. Too many memories to count.

Screw that, I can't make that list before class, nor do I want to reminisce now. Kenya would be number 2 prolly followed by my first trip to europe. Number 5 would be the birth of my unborn children (I don't like them that much). Anyways I think I will go back to my list of the top 5 numbers

The Top 5 Numbers
  1. Infinity - think about it... makes your head hurt doesn't it? It is so incomprehensible, but is used constantly in mathematics. It's just great.
  2. 2 - What doesn't come in pairs? Almost nothing thats what.
  3. 3 - A very important number throughout history. The Trinity, 3 Amigos, 3 of a Kind, 3's Company... I can go all day!
  4. 10 - The basis of our number system. Thank goodness for having 10 fingers and 10 toes.
  5. 5 - Without this number we wouldn't have these lists.

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