Friday, December 14, 2007

I Suck

This could be the worst blog ever. It's so esoteric! I write about the most random stuff and at any given time only half (that means 1 person) my audience even knows what I am talking about. Frankly I don't even care, but I just thought you all would like to know that I have thought about it. I know the issue exists, I've taken it into consideration, and yet I still plan to do nothing about it. Sorry folks.

Mostly I write this because I am bored, but the day is lookin up. I am going to see I am Legend later on (starring Will Smith), gonna watch the Magic take on The Bobcats at Brad's, going to an afternoon party (Physics people are lame), and then maybe tonight I will watch the second half of Knocked Up which is just such a funny movie.

I'm trying to make appointments for next week cause Larry won't be around. That means sexy parties, naked strutting, drinking alone till I pass out, video games, shooting movies, drugs, and all that good stuff. I totally messed up that sentence because I put all the funny things in the beginning of the sentence than ran out of ideas...oh well.

I have nothing left to say but I need to put some hyphens in here for my advisor's pleasure. Well-it was-gr-eat to talk about nothing-for a-while-and-now-I thi-nk i-t-'-s time to say good-bye!

1 comment:

TestingTFV said...

Dude, those hyphens at the end were too much--have some class, daniel-san.

How was the "I am legend" movie? We managed to watch "Mr. Brooks," and it was really good. I bet you'd like it. I have some affliction where I actually like Kevin Costner movies. This would be embarrassing if I cared what other people thought about my movie preferences. Actually I do care probably, but I cannot consciously because of my Kevin-Costner affliction.

I bought my Mom (and us) web cams for Christmas so she can see her grandkids on video phone. It arrived today and I tried it out and immediately was tempted to upload videos to you tube. Now I know why there are so many idiots on you tube. I wish I weren't so paranoid about putting my kids on the internet, because those videos are legitimately hilarious and cute. It would be the talk of you-tube.

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