Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Finals Week

So no one has heard from me in a while and this blog hasn't even been updated that frequently (except for 2 lists). This is all due to my graduate studies taking over my life. I have been studying for the past 2 days for a test today and my other class doesn't even have a final. With that all said, I am done for the semester and the fun can begin.

My test today went pretty well. I struggled on one part of one question, but I think I did well on the rest. As I said my other class has no final, there is a lecture in its place. I will go to the lecture but I will not pay attention, because the follow-up class next semester should teach me more than this class ever did (different professors).

Now I begin studying for prelims and await the arrival of Jason. In anticipation I think I will tell some Jason stories. Not right now though.

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