Friday, December 14, 2007


I just wanted to let everyone know that I am awesome at lying. I guess its because I never do it, so when I do tell a lie everyone believes me. The 2 best examples I have:
In high school I told my best friend that I was moving back to NYC. I did this half as an experiment and half for my own personal pleasure. The pleasure is because I am a sick human being. The experiment was twofold. First I wanted to see how long I could keep the fib going, second I knew this girl was a chatter box and I wanted to see how many people she would tell. So I told her I was going back to NYC by the end of the month or something. By the end of that week (I think I told her on a wed or something) tons of people were coming up to me saying how much they would miss me and asking about where I was going to live and so forth. I was laughing so hard (eventually) that I had to just tell people that it wasn't true and then I told her the truth. She didn't like me for a couple days because of that. We are still good friends now though. Which reminds me...I need to give her a call.

The other story is when I told my mom I bought a motorcycle. I was bored one afternoon and I decided to call her and tell her that I bought a brand new Kawasaki. I pulled it off real well because a couple days before I was looking into buying one (instead of my car, but this was back in like March or something). She asked me tons of questions to which (surprisingly) I had the answers. I gave her colors, horsepower, features, and helmet information. A couple days later she asked if I had leather pants and other sorts of protection. I said I had my leather jackets and the helmet and I didn't need any. She called back like a week later and said she couldn't get any sleep and wanted me to get more protection. She said she would pay for it and said she was even looking into it online. My mom almost bought me this stuff for like $300, but then I had to come clean and tell her I didn't get a bike and then I explained that I had been looking into getting a motorcycle and that is how I knew everything about them. She then decided to give me some money anyways and I used it to buy shoes. Money well spent.

Those are just a couple of examples and I do little lies all the time, but only when its funny. That's all for now.

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