Sunday, December 2, 2007


So a couple days ago I took this amazing diet pill. I saw it at GNC and decided to try it out. The directions said take one pill once a day with food and you will see results instantly. I was really skeptical but it wasn't too expensive so I thought I'd give it a try. I took it with dinner that night and after my meal I had to take a wicked dump. The crap was massive! I was clenching the tub like a pregnant woman squeezing a hand. The poo was so awesome. I have never been so relieved in all my life. When I went to wash my hands I looked in the mirror and noticed that I had looked much skinnier. Like the fat on my body had melted away. I went to the scale and it said I lost 7 lbs.

The next morning I took the pill with breakfast and had to crap immediately after. Again the poop as huge and again I lost weight, this time 5 lbs. I looked up the pill online and it says the chemicals in the pill cause your body to rapidly digest energy in fatty cells. So it takes your stored reserves and uses that as a food source. Then since it goes through the digestion process, you have to take a poop. The consistency of the stool depends on the food you are eating with the pill, so fast food gives a harder poo and veggies makes the fece softer.

I can't believe they sell something like this. I'd take the pill just for the awesome craps, but the rapid weight loss is sweet as well!

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