Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Remembering Good Times

I was reading something that I had written about my travels in Hawaii and came across something so funny, that I had to share it. I am discussing my food intake during that trip just so you know whats going on:
I would like to say that on average I consumed about 50% of the total amount of food my family had, leaving 50% for 3 people to split. For instance, that burger was 1lb and we had 1.75 lb of meat. Leaving 3/4 lb for the rest of my family. Don't think I'm greedy. I'm really doing them all a favor. My brother is a fatty, I mean look at him in that picture. He's beached for goodness sake. Side note: I had to find the most perfect picture for this point and while I have many great classics, this one embodies it the most. The finals came down to that picture and one where he spilled food on his shirt and was upset. I had to go with the other one, but only by a margin. Don't think I have anything against my brother, nor am I making fun of him. I said one day on the trip that he was fat and my brother goes, "Mom he is teasing me." To which I reply, "No, I only speak what is already common knowledge, for teasing involves some sort of overexaggeration." ZING! My stepdad quickly responded with a huge bellowing laugh and some props for the witty quick thinking. I gave myself a pat on the back for that one. My brother could only say, "You're mean." I nodded in agreement. But I reaffirmed that it was still just the truth.

The two pictures I am refering to are:

I am such a riot!
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