Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Razor Wars

Remember back when razors were just one blade? Then the Mach 3 came out and it was the greatest thing ever. You didn't even really need to use shaving cream. Then another company came out with the exact same razor. That same company then made a 4 bladed razor. Those commercials were great too "3 blades, when will it end?" Then some dude is like "Here." He is so emphatic about it too. What came next was great. The makers of the Mach 3 completely skipped 4 and made the Fusion which had 5 blades and a trimmer blade on the back. The jokes began to flow. People were talking about razors that had 100 blades and all that. I just saw a commercial that beats everything ever. It makes sliced bread look like unsliced bread. The Infinity Razor. Apparently it is the sharpest thing known to man. I don't know who wouldn't want this. I don't know how many times I needed my razor to slice through a boot, but it can. The blades are supposed to last forever too. I don't know about the you, but I don't want the sharpest thing on the planet anywhere near my face. It already sucks getting a razor cut. I don't want to slice my lip off completely, or worse yet get decapitated. On second thought, I think I will get two!

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