Sunday, November 18, 2007

Random Happenings

  • Just got back from another trip to Denver. For those who don't know, we went to see the Knicks play the Nuggets. What a terrible game. I was the only person from NY to actually show up.
  • The trip itself was pretty fun. 6 hours there in a car with Fonda singing songs from the 60's 70's 80's 90's and today made it worth it alone. Losing in Trivial Pursuit 90's edition not fun. Eating Krispy Kreme for the 1st time in a couple years...Priceless. Sorry I had to go there.
  • Speaking of Trivial Pursuit, there are way too many wired questions that have the answers of and The Movie category was way too easy for Larry and I. Think Me vs anybody in Disney Scene it.
  • I think I could make the Disney Scene it game an Honoring 50 story, but the only part that would relate to my father is the fact that he was there.
  • What has my cousin Chris been up to? He used to visit a lot, and also my ComicFever site, but my statcounter hasn't shown his IP. Where are you Chris???
  • Another blog I am working on: Church Of Benson talks about a guy named Rod Benson who is working his way into the NBA. My friends and I are huge fans of his blog toomuchrodbenson and our blog is basically the complete (but warranted) overhyping of this man. I make all the pictures that create the legend of Rod Benson. I've been posting those pictures randomly on this site.
  • The Giants won today. At least one NY team is doing well. They almost have opposite records right now. The Giants are 7-3 and the Knicks are I said almost.
  • Thanksgiving is this week. I gotta do my prepigout stomach stretch. This basically involves eating way too much food all week so that I can fit all the food I need to on T-day itself. We got a 15lb turkey and Larry wants to make some pies. It should be quite a feast.
  • Lame Duck time from now till Wed. Lame Duck is a term I invented in my late High School days when I learned what Lame Duck actually meant. In politics its the time after a new president gets elected until he is actually in office. The word means the guy has a weakened state of authority as the country and world await the new leader. In Anthony language, it is the time period before a special occasion usually right after any major work is finished. As of now I am in Lame Duck because our professor gave us a test last Wed. and with no other major work to do before T-day I am just awaiting the holiday and for time to pass. It is working wonderfully.

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dad said...

get use to limited authority during the rest of your life...(smile). hey how about them Jets... J! E! T! S! yes...

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