Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Joy of Driving

There is a construction site right outside PandA, and there is all this gravel, dirt, and loose rock in the path to get to the building. Normally I would hate to drive through it, but my car is fast and built for rallying so I let it play in the dirt (as all children, Rosita is now dirty and needs a bath). Every time I drive to PandA as soon as I hit the dirt, I press the accelerator down and turn the wheel (because there is a turn). I love the feeling of the powerslide and my wheels gripping and the roar of the engine and all that. It brings a huge smile to my face. Last night I took the car to the lot when there was no one around, and I let my car play for 5 minutes. I would powerslide U-turn and then go really fast in the other direction and then do it again to come back. I wanna find a dirt road and just let her purrrr. Good times...

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