Thursday, November 8, 2007

50 Years: The Beach Chair

This story is pretty similar to the Pudding Debacle. Only this time the object of rage was a beach chair. Poor thing it never saw it coming. So what happened was we are chilling on the beach. I don't remember how long, but apparently long enough. Oh yea, this also takes place in Cape Cod (I think). So we are on the beach and then its time to go. Dad tries to fold up the chair. There is one problem. There is so much sand in the joints, that it won't fold up. I actually think I was folding it first, but couldn't get it then gave it to my father. As a matter of fact, he was probably frustrated that I couldn't fold it and he took it from me. Yea that must have been it.

Ok so here is how it went. We were on the beach. Then we wanted to leave the beach. I began packing everything up while everyone just sat around and watched me. They were getting angry cause I was taking too long and started heckling me and making fun of me. All I had left was this one beach chair. I tried folding it, but it wouldn't go because of the sand that I was telling you about. I don't want to use all my effort because I don't want to break the chair. Dad gets enraged at my pansiness and just snatches it out of my hands. He also tries to fold it up, but he just can't get it to go either. Then he grows at least twice his size and turns green and just rips the chair to shreds. Completely uncalled for. I have a picture of the devastation, but this was taken after he calmed down, so he isn't big and green. Oh yea somewhere in there I forgot to include that he pushed me over and said "GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR, stupid pansy son!" I cried myself to sleep that night.

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Dad said...

Good one. these just keep getting better. there may be a career in there somewhere... :):)

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