Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Soccer season has ended

I know my last post about soccer was only like a week ago, but the season is over. Today was the first playoff game and we lost. Nothing is more frustrating than playing well and playing your heart out and losing. It was mostly because almost no one else was playing as hard. I have the bumps and stuff to prove it. I got a bloody nose in the first half because I got elbowed in the face. In the beginning of the second half I had a full sprint collision with somebody on the other team. He was hurt more than I. At some point I got hit in the shoulder because it hurts to move my left arm. I am battered and bruised and red all over. No regrets though. I played great and I left it all on the field. I kept my promise too, I didn't get tired at all this game. Oh well better luck next year.

One more thing, even though it was a short was fun as hell. I miss soccer already. Basketball starts in a couple of weeks though.

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TestingTFV said...

That is like the shortest soccer season ever. What is even the point? Next year, make sure the games are 8 pm or later at night, and then invite me to play. Can you tell that I have a proposal that I am supposed to be working on? I miss softball, because it was good for at lest one good story per week. Once you guys get done with classes and all that, and our research lab is cookin' or should I say Kochin' ha ha ha, or should I say ha-ha-ha, then I think we are going to have crazy fun doing research in the lab, and we will be good for one good story per day, plus one good discovery per month per person.

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