Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Soccer season has commenced

Its that time of year where I lace up my cleats and hit the field. We had a game last tues and another one today. Larry and I had to sign up as free agents and they put together a rag-tag team. We now have to get acquainted with each other and learn other's moves. Here is how the games went:

Game 1 (Tues Oct 9): Our first game. Larry and I played defense to start the first half. It started alright, but our team had no offense. So to start the second half I played forward. This didn't work out too well. We had no cohesion. Everyone played whatever position they wanted. It was like kindergarten soccer, where everyone just follows the ball, so there are like 20 kids around the ball. Thats what this was like. We tied 0-0 and then we went to penalty shootout, where we won 3-2. So I think that means we won 1-0 or something like that. Whatever we won.

Game 2 (Tues Oct 16): This game started terribly. We can have 8 people on the field plus 1 goalie, but we started with 4 plus the goalie. They score a goal. 2 more people show up, they score 2 more goals. We are now down 0-3. Larry and I are playing defense, and we would be doing well if it wasn't always 4 vs 2 on our side. I noticed that the 4 other players on the team are all on the other side of the field leaving just Larry and I. Another person shows up so now its finally 8 vs 7 (plus goalies), but we are powerless to stop them. Another goal goes in. At the half it is 0-4, we are losing. I take the reigns. I tell the team we need to stay in position. I tell one guy to take my spot on defense and I take center mid, my natural position. They score another goal, but thats the last one they get. I have no energy, but I chug on. I have my moments. I almost head a goal in on a corner. I almost get a goal on a steal. I almost get a goal dribbling through 4 defenders. I almost get a goal coming in from the left side. ALMOST DOESN'T CUT IT. I failed my team, and I did all I could. The only problem, was only Larry and I were the only ones who left it all out there. I need to become infectious. Next time I write about this, I will tell you how I had 4 assists and played amazing defense. I promise, I will never get tired on the soccer field again.

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dad said...

Hi Ant,

Sounds like not much has changed since you were playing soccer at 9 yrs old. yuk, yuk...
good luck with the league/intramurals...

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