Sunday, October 7, 2007

Rockies Madness

This was the most amazing baseball I ever went to. It was a pitcher duel featuring the very young (22 yrs old) Ubaldo Jiminez aka U-Ballin battling the very old (44 yrs old) Jamie Moyer. Ubaldo went into the 7th inning giving up 1 run (on a HR in the 7th) and 2 other hits for 3 total. Moyer went into the 7th giving up like 7 hits but only giving up 1 run as well. The run for the rockies was batted in by Matsui on a triple scoring Yorvit Torealba. It was a nice slap out to left field that squeaked by the left and center fielders. Then in the bottom of the 8th, with guys on 2 men on, Jeff Baker pinch hitting knocks a single down the 1st base side that scores 1, putting the Rocks up 2-1. Manny Corpas comes in the top of the 9th and shuts down the 3 batters he faces, to put the CR's into the NLCS for the 1st time ever. And I was there.

I was yelling all game and left with no voice what-so-ever. We thought the day was doomed. Driving to Denver Larry got hit with a speeding ticket, and then early in the game (like 2nd inning) the power goes out. But we held strong, we didn't let the chilly air beat us down. It was crazy windy too. It was just such a fun game. We were cheering and high-fiving everyone around us, and then after the game there were many hugs distributed. It was just a great experience.

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