Sunday, October 7, 2007

Put the Women and Children to bed

After the Rockies game it was time for some partying...and party we did. This was one of the craziest nights ever. If you are one of my parents, you can rest easy. You know your son has a level head, and would never do anything stupid. With that said, read-on and enjoy without worry. It doesn't matter, you are gonna worry anyways, but s'all good.

After the game we headed over to the many bars that surround Coors Field. The place was hoppin'. There were so many people and we were all celebrating the same thing. We went into this really little bar, whose name was unknown, and made our way to the bar. Tradition told us to order a car bomb and a beer to start. When I grabbed it, this girl who was next to me asked me if I was ready. I looked at her and she had this look of concern on her face. I told her to be cool, because I am a professional. We dropped the shot and chugged the bomb. Easy. Then we walked away and drank our beers. We came back maybe 20 min later for round two of car bomb and beer. We drank both again and sat around singing bar songs for a lil while. (Time elapse unknown at this point, but if I had to venture a guess I would think it was 1/130am.) Then Larry decided to order us two shots of Jack Daniels and 2 more beers. We also put those down, but the JD was a lil tougher than expected and I had to use the beer as a chaser. Larry had the nasty face for way longer than I did though, so props to me.

Now this is where the night picks up. We were having a good time in this bar, but we wanted to do some exploring so we head to the bar next door to check out the scene. We get inside and get 2 more beers. We sit at some table and some amazingly hot girl comes over to us. I don't really remember how conversation was initiated. I probably said something to her to get her attention, but she also could have stumbled over. Anyways we were talking it up. She seemed like she was into me, and Larry told me he thought she was too (otherwise I would have had no clue) so I turned up the mojo. We then are introduced to one of her friends, who was a pretty cool guy. We chatted with him for a while, and he invites us to a party. He asked if we like to party, and did a nose wipe/sniffle (the international sign of Coke). I did not see the nose motion, prolly cause I was distracted by the girl, and quickly yelled "Hellz yea we like to party." Larry quickly jumped on it and said we did, but not like that. But we still wanted to go with the crew, because this girl was that hot and she was mine. Nature then stepped in and became immobilized. Every step was pain and I had to piss so badly. We got the posse's leader's phone number and we ran off to pee on the side of a building.

Running to the place of urination and back was so fun. I could only see colors and blurry figures and I felt like the best athlete ever dodging all these shadowy figures. When we got back to the point of separation, the crew was gone. I knew a general location of where they were so we walked towards that way and called them. I got some directions, but then I forgot the rest so I called back. No one picked up this time so instead of walking and trying to figure it out I decided that it was best to go back. On the way back some guys tried to start a fight with me, because they thought Larry and I were bandwagoners. I was sympathizing with one of THEIR friends and this one guy was still trying to step to me. I didn't realize any of this until after we separated from them, Larry told me. I was actually having a pleasant conversation with 2 of the guys but apparantly this one guy wanted to fight someone. I could have taken him, but I was glad nothing happened.

On the way back to the hotel, it was a mile from the stadium, we came across this girl walking alone. I asked her if she wanted an escort to wherever she was going and she said sure. We talked it up for a while and got her to her scooter. We then walked back to the hotel recounting the night and thinking about how fun everything was and how the close encounters made it all the more interesting.

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Mom said...

I'm glad you had a good time and yes my heart was in my throat as you describe your night of fun. Sorry mom will always worry :)

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