Friday, October 12, 2007

Larry vs The Giant

A seemingly harmless comment was made on a well-known website known as today. They compared a supervillain to Hitler saying that he made Hitler look like a school yard bully. While that is wrong, Larry felt outraged. He proceeded to email various Jewish organizations regarding this issue and is trying to get an apology and the statement removed.

What kind of roommate and friend would I be if I didn't help and nurture the situation. I picture myself as the shadowy figure in the background that has some master plan and this fits right in with it. I have come to the conclusion that in my quest to take over the world that it is my duty to see that this is carried through to the end.

Larry was thinking small potatoes with this. I think big. I told him to email as many different organizations as possible and bring it to the mass media. He needs outlets like the NY Times and the NY Post. I had a daydream that this blog is the central component of this process and all breaking news can be found here first. I will see to it that I have exclusive broadcasting rights, putting the Randomly Grad Life and ComicFever on the map.

God I am an evil genius...stay tuned.

Oh yea you can find the link here.

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