Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Why does this blog suck so much? I had all these big plans for stardom, well amongst my family and advisor. I was gonna be the next big thing. I wanted to be at least. Nope. Nada. Zlich. Zippo. Not for me, not ever. Well, maybe eventually. What am I doing wrong? I am funny in person, but on blog not at all. I think my life is just boring. What do I do? I go to grad school and go to classes and do homework. Occasionally I talk about sports, but thats not funny, not at all.

I need my lil brother around for a self confidence boost. He will ease my pain. I can make fun of him all day long and it never gets tiresome. The joke is one dimensional, but it is always a knockout. He hates me for it though. He tries to get me back, but his comebacks are like straight outta second grade. "Nah-uh, you're fat." "Yea, well you're feet smell." Yea he uses contractions incorrectly when he that's crazy.

Lately I've just been pigging out. Thats gotta stop too. I need to be a vegetarian for like a week. I think that can help. I need salads and greens and pizza. Just kidding...about the salads. No, I'm serious no meat and junk for a week. Can I do it? No way, but I should at least try. I just need money.

Why is that always a problem? I got nothing. In fact, I spent ALL of last paycheck just surviving, and now I got hit up for some property damages that are completely bogus. Oh well, looks like I'm not getting my deposit back. At least the Knicks won today, although it is preseason so it doesn't mean anything.

I was just thinking to myself that typing is amazing. I completely focus on what I'm saying and don't even think about moving my fingers and these words just appear. It is awesome. Its like I have a superpower. A couple of times I'll stutter or something in my head and the words come out flawless like my fingers know the future and scribe it for me. Maybe I mean transcribe, who knows.

The only good things going in my life right now are Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Home Improvement, and American Gladiators...and they are all like from 15 years ago. How weak is that? I'm living in the past dude (or dudette, whoever reads this lame and uninspired blog). That last digression gave me an idea. From now on this will be a self-loathing blog. Almost every post you read will be me saying how crappy this site is and how no one reads it. But I won't wallow in self-pity too much.

I think I'm hyphen happy or something. Whenever I don't know which words have it or not I just through it in anyways. Alright, I'm out now. Later.


TestingTFV said...

Dude--I love hyphens! I am a hyphen-lover. It is quite ironic that you bring up this topic, though, because today, in addition to telling "El Backpack" that "quantitate" is a stupid word, he also told Paul that his title required a hyphen. And Paul liberally applied the insincerity, saying, "Really? I will take that into consideration." In addition to hyphens, I also like capitalizing words, and if I don't check myself, I do it all the time. I am an over-hyphenating, over-capitalizing Writer.

BTW: It really did need a hyphen, but I didn't want to support the nitpicking. Even if it didn't require a hyphen, he had like twelve words in his title, so he could have just thrown one in here or there, I really don't know how he resisted in the first place.

TestingTFV said...

It sounds like you have a case of the "blahs." Sara Silverman (or is it Sarah Silverman) (I included both of those, in case it helps random people find your random blog, when they are googling "Sarah Silverman" or "Sara Silverman" or "Sara Silverman Show" or "The Sarah Silverman Program" "on Comedy Central" "Please Tivo This") had a case of the blahs recently. I know Loskow hates that show, but not sure if you do. It slays me. She cured her blahs by spending a day thinking she had the HIV, and then turning out not to. I don't recommend this. But it seems like most people I run into have the "blahs" recently, and I think this is because it's late October during an academic semester, and everyone has way too much shit to do. A-K-A too f-ing busy, when written in hyphen-speak. Maybe we just need a party or something?

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