Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hyphens, Blahs, and Over-Capitalization

I noticed certain things in my writing. I am no English major so I don't know if I am ever grammatically correct (most likely not, but I don't really care). For instance I don't know if I spelt grammatically correctly. I used to be amazing back in Grammar School (Elementary for you non-Grammar schoolians) but I haven't had reinforced learning in this area since 8th grade. Wow that was a long time ago.

Anyways, some things I do often. I digress mid-sentence a lot. I know you are supposed to avoid run-on sentences, but sometimes the end of the thought hasn't arrived yet and you just need to keep going. I feel bad for all you readers, but you must put up with it anyways. Actually I do like when I continue the sentence using a comma and then going into paranthesis (or is it -es) to add a little extra information.

I need to find ways to add more hyphenated words to my writings too. Words like more-so and none-the-less keep me going, but that's really all I know. I need to bone-up on this stuff. I think it is safe to just add a hyphen if you don't know if it belongs. I always search my mac dictionary and it never tells me I'm wrong.

I also love abbreviating words and contracting words to fit my slang. Words like wanna and gonna should be added to the dictionary because who wants to type going to and want to ever? No one. My personal fav which gets under utilized is I'mma, a contraction and abbreviation for I am going to. That's a great one.

Testing TFV has mentioned over-capitalization in his latest postings. I don't see how to add this to my writings, although it sounds like a great time. When I was little we didn't care much about this, but I can see kids now-a-days (score one for me) playing games like Put the Capital Letter on the Title, or Spin the Capital Letter, or even Capital-Letter-Opoly. (I had to go back through and add the caps to those words, because I forgot that they were titles and who doesn't put a cap on a title? No one.)

Well it appears I have another case of the "Blahs." I heard its contagious like an outbreak of AIDS or something, so thereby (or there-by?) reading this you may feel the need to ramble on in writing, or speech, or even prose to whomever will listen. Bye-bye...


TestingTFV said...

I'mma bookmark This One if I can figure-out how.

Antman said...

what do you mean bookmark?

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